Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kawuku Market

The plan was to go to the market after Olivia’s tutoring session, but Gabriel was called away at the last minute. He charged Lauren and I to go together (i.e., don’t let Leslie go alone) to pick up the few items needed for some sponsored children in Kyamagemule, a trip we’ll make tomorrow. Mattress, mosquito nets, and rice. While we’re there I thought of getting some food for lunch, dinner, and tomorrow’s breakfast – potatoes, carrots, and pineapple.

Lauren was hungry too. I know because she started eating her lunch before we left. I didn’t have any food except the Cheerios I brought from home and this didn’t seem like the time to use them up. I waited and tried to urge her on, but then she started dessert (popcorn). She then kindly informed me that we are not allowed to eat while we walk. She said this activity would be akin to scratching yourself in public. Okay, I waited a little more.

Lauren said, “Be sure the nets are treated and don’t take one if it’s not packaged.” Then she told me how much everything should cost and where to get this, that, and the other thing. Then she reminded me that I would not be able to carry everything back so I should call David, our trusted boda man, to meet me and bring things home for me. Don’t forget your phone. Off to the market alone I go. As I walked out the gate she said, “Like a baby bird leaving the nest.” Ha-ha.

The market was nothing but slime after the morning rains. Slick as snot is an understatement. The white tax was outrageous, but thanks to Lauren’s financial advice I was able to get what I thought were reasonable prices…until I got home and was informed that a bag of potatoes should cost less than 300 UGX ($0.15). Well, I was happy with the price.

I got to the “supermarket” and they didn’t have enough rice so I was ready to call David to pick up the mattress for me. Phone was dead. Really…what’s the point of a phone…grr. Lauren had a good laugh at the whole thing, but while I was gone Gabriel called and found out I went alone. We’re still deciding who to blame for that.