Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Job Hunting Advice

We lunched at a nearby restaurant before heading home where I reminded Ronnie that he is loved, God has not forgotten him, and that he is important and special and valuable. Being discouraged during the job hunting process is not uncommon.

I shared some tough advice with Ronnie too. We sometimes have to adjust our opinion of our capabilities in light of the larger pool of job candidates so that we are more likely to actually be considered for a job. Although Ronnie and I are both confident he can easily handle work more advanced than what his education or experience show, he is not likely to get a job based on our beliefs.

We sketched out some ideas for work that align better with his resume and with the professional way he presents himself, and Ronnie was charged with getting into Kampala after the first of the year to apply at all the companies that fit our criteria. I also challenged Ronnie to be much more aggressive in the number of jobs he applies for. I see him regularly and will very likely spend another day with him after applying to those organizations in Kampala.