Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Job Application

After practicing some interviewing skills together, we’ll begin the door-to-door application for jobs that Ronnie has scoped out in advance. At one location he reported having seen the piles of CVs separated into two stacks. When asking the security guard why there were two piles he learned, not surprisingly, that one pile was for those applicants who: (a) already worked there, (b) knew someone who worked there, or (c) had a sponsor.

During the job application process—an application appears to be akin to a hand-written cover letter developed on the spot—I’ll serve as Ronnie’s sponsor in hopes of improving his opportunity for employment. Apparently having a well-educated American sponsor is quite weighty in Uganda. I’m excited to experience this process through the Ugandan cultural context.

Please pray that we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and not filter job opportunities through our own lens of expectations. Pray that doors would swing wide open so that this young man of God would have a place to live and food on his plate. Pray that we would both have the right heart and the right words when interviewing with potential employers. Pray that Ronnie would come away from this job hunting experience surprised by hope.