Friday, December 31, 2010

Two Dollies in Bugiri

Dark brown heavy linen fabric for the body, black yarn looped atop the head for hair, a sleepy face drawn on one side and a happy face drawn on the other. Pretty dresses made from Rick’s shirts with cute button accents. Matching ribbons in their hair and on their dresses add some flair.

The saga of the dollies continues; a box full is held in jail at the Kampala post office. What a day of rejoicing it will be when these girls are finally set free! Yet even though the last batch of dollies are still hostages, my mom made more beautiful dolls for me to deliver on her behalf. These dolls rode in my luggage on the big jet planes.

The giving began when the precious sight of this sleeping baby made me think of the sleeping doll. The mothers were just as curious about the dolls as the children, although they didn’t bust out in tears of fright when they saw them (or me). Bugiri was a great place to gift a few dolls because the women could use them as patterns to make their own dolls to sell in the market.