Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bujagali Falls

Rain did indeed fall, although not heavily, and mixed with the red clay dust just enough to make the unpaved roads super slick. Our trusty driver, Gabriel, successfully navigated the car to the entrance of Bujagali Falls where as a standard I was charged more for entry than the dark-skinned people were charged. Although here the higher fare is posted.

We parked the car almost immediately to avoid the problems so many other cars evidenced – getting stuck in the natural rut alongside the road where the rain water flows when it pours. Cars wishing to pass one another in opposite directions did so at great peril. The roads were scarcely wide enough on a good day. On this day, though, hugging the edge of the road could easily mean sliding into the ditch. One van did just that as it shot sludge everywhere while the driver accelerated and the wheels spun on the red snot.

Walking the necessary distance from the parking space to the stairs leading down to the falls was interesting. Slosh, slide, slick, suck, stick. We tried hard to remain upright as the wet clay tried to eat our shoes as evidence by the sound of suction with each passing step. The slime stuck to our tennis shoes making each of us at last two inches taller than normal. The rocks both in the parking lot and at the falls were covered with the remains of clay scraped off the bottom of sandals and other fancy dress shoes…which made sitting to enjoy the scenery a messy affair.