Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sensible Shoes Gede

A gaggle of children were waiting at Festive Praise Church in Gede when we arrived, well more than the 100 who would fit the shoes we brought in our giant sack. Five lovely ladies from Sanctuary of Praise Watamu joined Pastor Christine and several church mamas to love and serve the children with me.

(Missing Pastor Christine)
Following introductions, we presented the truth of Ephesians 5:1 "Follow God's example, as dearly loved children, and walk in the way of love..." I typically begin with a brief lesson about what it means to show love in a practical way, children repeat the Bible verse aloud several times, and children answer questions about love. The wonderful part comes next. All these expert helpers eek out more meaning for the children in their heart language. And then the celebration begins--singing and dancing and getting very hot and close in this tiny over stuffed church.

Before the children are exhausted, we explain the purpose of Sensible Shoes ministry beyond teaching them to walk in love. The prayers. We explain that while we pray that these children would walk in love all the days of their life, that doing so would bring them spiritual strength with the Lord, that they would be future leaders in their church, community, and country. We pray that they would be wise counselors, invited to participate in important decisions, sought out for their wisdom, trusted for their righteousness, and faithful in all things. We pray over the distant future of these children so that we can see a change in this country and in the kingdom of God on earth. And we do all this as we wash their sandy feet and fit them with a new pair of Sensible Shoes.

100 Pair of Sensible Shoes manufactured in Kenya
 and purchased in Malindi

We had eight foot washers taking two shifts. One set from Sanctuary of Praise
and one set from Festive Praise Church.

The shoes were running out quick.

Somehow we never seem to have enough shoes. The children are the biggest bullhorn of all, collecting their friends from far and wide despite Pastor Christine's best efforts to limit the number to 100. Still, we washed their feet and prayed over every child even when the shoes were gone.

These children, plus the same number again inside the church still,
were waiting on their turn to receive their pair of Sensible Shoes.

Lots of singing and dancing kept all the children happily entertained and God worshiped and praised as they waited for everyone to finish. What a sweet blessing they all are. There is nothing more precious than washing the feet of these children and then asking God to do great things in their lives.

We pray blessings on author, Sharon Garlough Brown, for partnering with and inspiring us to bring this ministry to the entire coast of Kenya. Many thanks to Naomi who shopped for these locally made shoes purchased from the mamas in the Malindi market despite having to do so almost two at a time.