Tuesday, December 25, 2018

100 Christmas Dollies 2018 Ceremony

Our seventh annual 100 Christmas Dollies ceremony was held at Sanctuary of Praise in Watamu. Meal preparations began well before the service in a giant cooking pot. Chicken with rice and stew, pilau, and sweet fruits would fill our stomachs after the service. As the cook quietly prepared for our meal, we praised and worshiped our loving Father on this special day. 

Fifteen girls from Wings of Compassion, a rescue (emphasis on rescue) home for pregnant teen girls, led us in worship and introduced themselves. Some were sophomore girls with two-year-old children  through no fault of their own. We were blessed to have enough sponsored dollies to send home for their children (photos coming later).

Our guest preacher reminded us that knowing God comes through revelation not intellect. A thought-provoking and important message. Cindy shared the story of Jesus's birth as seen in the book of Luke in a child-focused way and made a great connection between the gift that Jesus is to us and the gift the dollies are to the children. With the help of some awesome women from the church, we served the children with your dolly gifts.

The funds raised through these dolly gifts were used in dolly-making, the Christmas meal, and will be used to construct a children's classroom on the church. Read the beneficiary announcement to learn how the Sanctuary of Praise church qualified for the gift. Expect to read more about the progress of constructing that classroom as the project begins.

God bless you for your generosity. Please pray for these children throughout the coming year.