Monday, April 30, 2018

Sensible Shoes: Kanani

Pastor Karisa organized a wonderful meeting with the Kanani Elder who in turn organized 100 children, which turned out to be about 250. I love how Pastor Karisa always sees an opportunity for evangelism beyond his own church area as many of these children do not attend church. Two little girlies who do attend church led singing along with Pastor who taught a few new songs with funny sounds. I offered a message about walking in love (Ephesians 5:1-2) and reminded the children how much they are loved and how they ought to love others. Because of flooding at the pump stations, the area has been without water for some time which means we were unable to wash these beautiful feet but our prayers will be unending.

When asked, Pastor commented that many of the people in this coastal area feel that praying for the future of their children is hopeless. They struggle to see anything good coming from this area. So our prayers for the 40-year future of these children to have the strength of the Holy Spirit in their lives, to have healthy marriages, to have successful businesses, to have positions in government, and that an ethical, honorable, and compassionate president would come from here were not in vein.

Thank you so the many people who made this ministry possible. I am so blessed to be your hands and feet here on the coast. You are making a difference, a BIG difference.

Here with the local leader at his home where more than 200 children gathered.

This little punkin boy came right to me and wrapped
himself around me. Such a beautiful smile, but
he knew it was customary not to smile in photos.

You might see shoes on these feet, but you cannot see the condition they're in.

Children EVERYwhere!

100 Pair of Sensible Shoes

Here are the singing girl leaders.

This mama carefully approached me and said, "thank you!"

The program was wonderfully organized and God was with us.