Thursday, December 28, 2017

Bugs and Pests of 2017

I hesitate to post now, lest there be more between now and 2018. But here is a collection made just for you. Welcome to coast.

This green mamba slithered out from the branches of
the tree in front of my house. Where he went after that
nobody knows.

Something supped on me in about 20 places just like this.

One of about 20 frogs found in my bathtub throughout the year.

All kind of bugs, many of which I killed before I took a picture.

A giant slug. How on earth do these things get inside.

This is an ant straw. Inside are thousands of little eggs.

Perhaps the most disgusting. The ants found a space under a food box,
another time under the printer (which they ate up and no longer works),
yet another under a duffel bag, and lastly under a storage box.
Four times this year. Just beyond YUK! This is what boys were made for, I'm quite sure.

He was my welcoming party. How he got into the fridge, I'll never know.