Saturday, March 4, 2017

$3.10 Poverty Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 of the $3.10 Poverty Challenge began once again by feeding myself on the Word of God with a continued study from Women of the Bible about Potiphar’s wife. The challenge posed by the authors today was to confess the tendency to become emotionally or physically involved in an off-limits relationship. I confess the temptations are real and give thanks for the protection God has given me as well as ask for continued protection.

My time in ministry today was spent with Pastor Karisa, who is the leader of the Watamu Pastors’ Fellowship. We had a lengthy agenda and to accomplish it all he invited me to his home where I met his family and enjoyed a wonderful meal. Though we did indeed accomplish much planning, I came away from that day with a deeper sense of friendship with he and his wife—and his adorable daughter who was stuck to me like glue—as well as a sense of rest. We simply sat, talked, ate, talked some more, and finally made a small trip to what Mvera called “the beach” which was the mostly dry Mida Creek bed.

I continue reflecting on the Challenge itself and realize I am basically choosing between diet and exercise each day. Not exactly the reality from which the poor are making their choices. My Poverty Challenge comes from a place of having paid my rent, bought my furniture and clothing, and of having relatively good health (though I still have a cold). Believing that, though this may seem a ridiculous endeavor to many, the Lord will continue revealing truths to me that help me serve his people better.

Today I began with $4.17 and expected to spend $3.00 on transportation; however, needed an additional $1.50, 0.50 cents of which I did not have. Blessedly I had been treated to a delicious and filling meal with Pr Karisa and the night boda who wanted to charge more simply had to accept the daytime rate. Luckily he was gracious, brawls break out over such things. I had a few shillings left for SMS messages and left a few conversations hanging as my money completely ran out. Tomorrow is a new day.