Friday, March 10, 2017

$3.10 Poverty Challenge: Day 10

Day 10 of the $3.10 Poverty Challenge began with feeding myself on the Word of God with a continued study from Women of the Bible, this week about the mothers of Moses. My devotion time was shorted by the need to prepare for ministry teaching today.

Today’s program began by leaving the house at 8:00 and returning at 6:00 following a full day of ministry-teaching at Faith Revival Center in Malindi. Pr Ephantus did a wonderful job with the majority of the content today. He is ever closer to being ready for independence, though we are still looking to develop more facilitators.

I hardly had time to reflect on anything today except that I had planned to get a few potatoes for dinner and the kiosk nearest home was out, which means no dinner. Today is the last day of the challenge so tomorrow I can eat breakfast.

Left from yesterday $1.65 plus $2.20 for today = $3.85

Tuk tuk to venue                     $1.50
Boda boda home from venue $1.00
SMS                                        $0.20
Nuts                                        $0.25

I finish the challenge with a positive balance of $0.95 only because the kiosk was out of potatoes. So many thoughts are swirling around in my noggin about this experience and I plan to write a reflection post to share the highlights. For now, short and sweet and on to the pile of work before me.