Wednesday, March 1, 2017

$3.10 Poverty Challenge: Day 1

Day 1 of the $3.10 Poverty Challenge. This morning I fed myself with the Word about Potiphar’s wife. I noticed a parallel between Joseph’s temptation to eat from the tree of life (resist Potiphar’s wife) or to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (give into her temptations). I wondered how my response to sin would differ if I viewed my temptations in light of the two trees.

At 7:00 am sharp, I set out on foot to reach Malindi Hospital by 8:30 so that I could have time to cool down and stop sweating before my meetings. Indeed I reached there when the temperatures were already at 87 degrees and my bottle of water was dry. As I feared, I was a soaking wet mess. While the distance is between 4 and 5 kilometers, the heat is what caused the most suffering. The walk between here and there is pleasant enough; all of Malindi is a beautiful place to see on foot.

Rachel is the hospital chaplain and welcomed me to visit their little chapel.

This adorable little chapel sits on hospital grounds and was the place of our
lovely prayer time together.

As it turned out, I had plenty of time to cool down because the doctor I was to meet was delayed. Next on my list, I set out to find the hospital chaplain so that I could introduce myself and Surprised by Hope and to submit the required letter of request to pray with patients there. Where I ended up was truly a Divine appointment. Seated before Dr. Ajuk, THE big man on campus (and directly under an air conditioning unit), I found myself making another introduction. Excited about a possible partnership, Dr. Ajuk requested the chaplain, the head of the nurses, and the head of the doctors (the friend and the man I had originally come to see) to join him. Now instead of separate meetings about separate issues, I was before the four leaders of the main functions of the hospital being asked, “When will you come teach us?” Praise the Lord!

Determined not to kill myself the very first day of this challenge, I paid a boda to take me home where I did some end of the month reporting and other administrative work.

Remember that we agreed after electricity, water, and grooming needs, I would have $2.20 to spend.

Print letter         0.05
SMS messages  0.22  
Boda return       1.00

Dinner will consist of whatever I can find for 0.73 cents. I have a near rotten onion, green pepper, and tomato that will make a nice salad for 0.20 cents. I can add a handful of cashew nuts for 0.10 cents. I can add two slices of bread that will get moldy if I don’t eat it now for 0.10 cents. Maybe I can add a half scoop of peanut butter for another 0.10 cents. Honestly, sandwich, salad, and nuts is a pretty decent meal. I’ll have 0.23 cents leftover, not quite enough for one dose of Niquil. Maybe I’ll splurge on dinner tomorrow.

My challenge to you: Make your dinner using only $1.00. It's a great eye opener for kids and adults alike and helps us empathize with the poor in a way we never have before.