Monday, December 26, 2016

100 Christmas Dollies 2016: Christmas Day Celebration

Our Christmas Day celebration was a huge success. The tiny PEMA Church in Mjanaheri, Kenya was overflowing with adults and children alike. Surprise, I was told that I would be preaching that morning and thankfully the Lord brought to mind Isaiah 9:6, “Unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given.” I asked how many of the parents would “give” their child away after he or she was born. None volunteered. Instead they came to understand what a great gift Jesus is for us and that his birth is not the greatest…instead his death and resurrection are the greatest. For that we can be sure of our place in heaven with Jesus. Picking up on that “Son is given” part, we talked of the dollies as being given as a gift and that every time they see their dollies they should remember God’s gift to us in Jesus Christ.

I explained more about the construction of the roof after which the church broke out in joyous celebration. I continued on telling them that Pr James would not be receiving any money and that I would meet him in town to pay for the supplies needed. This explanation is necessary so that members don’t accuse him of keeping money for himself and so that we help him avoid that temptation. Complete transparency.

Despite the seemingly African style smiles (or lack thereof), the children bounced around with their dollies all afternoon—even the boys. Follow this link to see each child with his or her dolly.

Our traditional Christmas meal was made up of goat’s meat and rice. Unfortunately, the first goat was stolen or ran away (not that I blame him). The second goat, though, was slaughtered as the service began and four hours later we were all enjoying our Christmas meal.

Thank you to each and every one of you who gave sacrificially to make this project happen. May you always find food on your table and love in your hearts.

Pr James and Pr Ephantus introduce one another.

The Kenyan dolly maker -- Pr Nathaniel -- just happens to be a member of this church.
No one had any idea of this connection until the Monday before Christmas.
All this work Pr Nathaniel and his two lady workers have been doing
has been for the benefit of his own church.
Pr Nathaniel's mother on the left and his wife on my right.