Monday, November 14, 2016

A Rabbit Trail Day

I opened the kitchen cupboard to pull out a pen and saw six plastic boxes holding a variety of household items. Surely six is too many. I set about condensing those items the result of which was two Jiff jar storage containers and one storage box with a few officey things contained within. I sat down in the middle of my living room to finish sorting the Legos I’ll use for some business education activities, since the two Jiff jars are now available. Upon completion, I headed downstairs with the box of a few officey things. One of those few things was a marker and I thought it best to check its function before putting it away for keeps, but it seemed I ought to also check all the markers in the box where the markers go. And why not check the pens too, since I’m here. I put the few sheets of printer paper from that kitchen storage box away and decided that it’s resting place needed to be organized as well. Consolidate remaining business cards, business papers, and note cards into one box. Bring the dry erase markers from the marker testing exercise upstairs to bring to my other home, and see two small ketsup bottles gifted from a friend. Take those bottles to the room where my “take to Kenya” items are and see that things were becoming disorderly. I proceeded to put all the food in one pile, clothing in another, and so on. Find a dress that I am not sure I’ll really wear and bring that to the kitchen to remember to give back to my mom (sorry mom). Too many games on the counter where I wanted to put the dress and so move the games back to the game closet, which needs sorting for ages we don’t have at home anymore. Hear my phone chirp and return to my office to respond and…what was it that I needed a pen for?