Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Newlywed Game

What better way to celebrate marriage than by hosting…The Newlywed Game. Despite the fact that none of the participants were familiar with the game, everyone had their fair share of laughter and embarrassment. Each location managed the closing event to their own desires but each also reported lots of fun and lightheartedness. Many thanks to the team for making this special day of fun and prizes priceless.

The Newlywed Game in Ganda

Bishop and Pr Njuguna prepared the group for what was to come.

The couples were prepared to answer tough questions like:
"When your husband leaves the house is it:
A) Time to party, B) Time to clean up; or C) Time to sleep

The Newlywed Game in Watamu

The hot seats are ready.

Couples volunteered themselves for they knew not what.

Lori and Pr Peter asking Prs Paul and Margaret:
"What one item of his would you throw out if you could?"

Pr Alfred has the biggest smile on his face...always.
Too bad it's hidden behind his response about his wife's flaws.

Lots of laughter filled the church all afternoon.

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