Saturday, August 6, 2016

Not All Translators Are Created Equal

Translating from English to Kiswahili requires a great deal of skill and not every English speaking Kenyan is so gifted. Not only are words translated but concepts and cross cultural meanings must be translated as well. The partnership between translator and speaker is essential in conveying a teaching or message and shared understanding is the key. The pastor-translators Surprised by Hope has the opportunity to work with are not new to translation; however, we wanted to create a forum by which everyone could come to know one another and begin listening to American English and Kenyan English language and accents.

The Love & Respect Ministry Team members met with the pastors who would be serving as translators in the two conference locations at a little hotel called Rafiki, which means friend. Over a cup of chai, team members had the opportunity to practice their introductions while translators became familiar with their accents…and vice versa. We ended with a lovely time of worship right there at the hotel before heading to the Malindi Hospital.

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