Saturday, August 6, 2016

Love & Respect Ministry

Surprised by Hope is an East African Community Development ministry providing pastors, church leaders, and the ministries who serve them, with the Christian business education and consulting they need to thrive in their ministry calling. What this means is that one of our primary goals is to strengthen and support pastors in their service to God’s people.

Just a few of the pastors and team members working together to serve the Lord.

Pastors in the greater Malindi, Kenya area asked for a marriage and family conference and identified several topical areas of interest including covenant marriage, choosing to stay, building a godly marriage, setting goals for the family, sexual intimacy in marriage, family roles, love and respect, faithfulness, communication, conflict resolution, and respect.

Respect is always an important topic in marriage and even more so in a culture where the difference between the amount of power shared between husbands and wives is vast. That vastness is difficult for westerners, particularly western women, to understand and to see in a positive light. Our challenge as westerners, then, was to provide a marriage conference that supported Scripture alone and that did not unnecessarily impose an American ideology.

The Love & Respect Ministry Team, made up of eight Michiganders, took on the challenge of serving pastors and their community members with the marriage conference they requested and did so in two locations simultaneously. With the goal of strengthening and supporting pastors, we worked alongside the Watamu Pastors’ Fellowship and Mountain of Glory Church Ganda who made the conference a success.

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