Friday, August 19, 2016

Love & Respect Ministry Team: Behind the Scenes

Perhaps these aren't so much "Behind the Scenes" as pictures that I like and didn't really fit in any of the other blog posts. I didn't get all the pictures from the team so let's encourage them to post as well.

Together with my Aunt Jean in Nairobi at the beginning of our trip.

Every room at our hotel was fabulously prepared.

Sweet Donna, Bill's wife. Such a precious couple.

My best smile, don't you think?
Perhaps I should use this one for this year's Facebook photo.

The perfect picture of Cindy, beautiful sister!

A bit of a cove area at Vasco da Gama. Gorgeous and serene.

Cindy, Leslie, and Pr Ephantus.
Always tricky taking pictures of black and white together.

Just right at Vasco de Gama.

Rainbow into the ocean, the view from our hotel lounge.

The frankincense tree.

We all loved the watermelon. Happy Bill!

Watamu Beach

I just love this photo, perfect composition.

Pretty Cindy Buck and friends during the Sensible Shoes ministry.

Got some business to take care of.

Tight quarters in a tuk-tuk with Cindy, Mike, and Pr Owino.

I did not colorize this photo.
The true color of the landscape sans the gorgeous kangas.

Take a look at that one, She makes the whole photo shine!

Pretty Lori, silly kids.

Our hotel.

Cindy (Zawadi) and Mary (Mpenzi)

Lori at it all by herself.

I just love this picture.

Love love love this woman. My new sister.

I'm not sure but I "think" this is Bill's first selfie. Well done, Bill.

This guy came up and plunked himself down, sprawled himself out,
and waited to be scratched.

Love the little kiddo and all the culture that shows up in this photo.

Indian Ocean Bill

Another happy surprise as I sorted through the photos. Just a nice picture.

Who says the side of the church can't be used as a blackboard.

Okay, in all fairness I grabbed a boda in Malindi and took a
30 minute ride in the rain to reach Ganda. Bishop laughed.
Good thing I have curly hairs.

Aunt Jean preached and all these folks loved her.

Mary, Cindy F, Cindy B, and Jean
Where was I?

View from Mary's veranda.

Silly and adorable all at the same time. Again, where was I? this isn't my photo.

Just kinda liked this photo.

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