Sunday, August 14, 2016

Love & Respect Marriage Conference in Watamu

Our schedule was complex given that two conferences were running simultaneously. Half the Love & Respect team started in Watamu and then half way through the three-day program, at lunchtime, we all hopped in a car and switched locations. Every team member had messages from the Lord to share and so we had to share team members.

The Africa Inland Church of Watamu, and Pr Patrick, were
the gracious hosts of this marriage conference.

Leslie had the privilege of launching the conference
with a session about covenant and marriage.

Bill is teaching about Love is a Decision

Bill later teaching about Man as Head of the Home

Cindy B teaching about Choosing to Stay
Jean in the background teaching about Setting Family Goals

Cindy B teaching about Song of Solomon

Cindy F teaching about Family Roles

Jean teaching about Setting Goals for the Family

Leslie teaching about Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Leslie later teaching about Love & Respect

Lori teaching about Finding Your Purpose

Mary teaching about Prophetic Ministry in Marriage

Mike teaching about How to Fight Fair

Mike closed the first day session with A Higher Calling
This message inspired couples to live according to Scripture
 rather than societal expectations
We all had at least three sessions to teach each day and so the topics listed in these photos are not a complete representation of the full content. We were assured, both before and after the conference, that we brought necessary and valuable lessons for the community. While each team member could (and is invited to) share those personal moments where they saw the Lord working in the lives of these couples, the real praise will come six months and later when we hear testimonies about how the conference touched marriages throughout coastal Kenya. Praising God in advance for his move in so many marriages in this area.
The second half of the team to serve in Watamu
with Prs Margaret and Paul Badula.

A huge thank you to the Watamu Pastors' Fellowship Association!

Thanking God for the help of the whole team, but especially for Pr Ephantus who cared for the Ganda team throughout so that I could be moving between the two locations (not pictured, because he was in Ganda).

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