Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Legacy in Watamu

About six weeks prior to departure a team member precious to us had two emergency surgeries rendering her unable to travel. Many times we were thankful that emergency didn’t arise while in Kenya. We thought of Joyce every day and truly felt her absence. To leave a lasting legacy in her honor, and in appreciation to all those who gave to support her trip, we equipped the Watamu Pastors’ Fellowship Association with all the cookware they needed to feed 100 people not only for this conference but for every conference to come.

Smiling Margaret was the co-chef.
Ruth is the delicious chapatti-maker head chef.

During our location swap, Ruth prepared our food "take-away."
The dishes made it back to Watamu through Rama, our driver.
Giant cooking pans, water barrels, basins, and more.

Bright, colorful plate-bowls served us well.

More basins and bright colored things.

Chapatti day, Ruth makes THE best in the country.
All those bright colored things in the background are part of the legacy.

Thank you to all who made this gift possible. Not only will we be able to use it again, the Watamu Pastors' Fellowship will use it again and again as well.

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