Monday, December 28, 2015

100 Christmas Dollies 2015 in Lira Uganda

Pastor George and I prepared the boda for the long, dusty journey from Lira town into Barrio where well over 100 children were waiting for their celebration of Jesus' birth. Having church under the tree, we worshiped, prayed, and fellowshipped from there.

The children were so expectant and thankful for their gifts. Smiling for photos is not common just yet - as it used not to be common even in America - but a few of these kids cracked one. Remember that a lack of smile does not reflect a lack of enthusiasm :)

The event was finished after we delivered the message of the Nativity in a child-sized format and, not surprisingly, no children were without Jesus. We prayed fervently that this truth would remain and that these children would be protected from the temptations of life and instead be spiritual giants.

(My favorite pastor's wife, Agnes)

(Pastor Opio and me in front of the school)

(Pr George and me)

(Pr Opio, Agnes, and me)