Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dreams and Visions

These past three weeks have been a time of real, tangible supernatural gifts from the Lord. This is not to say that he has not blessed me at other times, but this season has been something all together different. He has showered me with visions that have such significant meaning for me. You see, this past three years I have been in the middle of a big BIG spiritual battle. I decided to do that thing we’re not supposed to speak about (fasting and praying), but I’m breaking the sacred silence because I want you to know about the amazing experience that comes from pressing into the Lord this way.

I never shared the first vision with you mostly because the first never gets as much attention until it’s counted among many. That vision was of me sitting with a friend, but the emphasis of the message was that I could trust this person. In a cultural environment and a wartime situation, trust is hard to come by and the Lord knew exactly what I needed: A very specific person to know that I could trust. What I found interesting about this vision compared to the others is that it required me to have faith that what the Lord showed me was true. I had to act on it; I had to do something to demonstrate that faith by showing trust in this person.

The second vision was a nighttime setting where angels dressed in white were standing shoulder to shoulder in a tight rectangle around my home. I could see their wings, as they were facing outward. A dim light emanated from them and every night since the first, they have been there. This vision was more visual and less sensing or feeling, but it brought me great comfort in the nighttime hours when power goes out, blackness descends, and minds become creative.

The third vision was of a white platform with silver sparkles in it. Half circle steps of the same colors led to the top. In the center was a big chair and on it sat who I can only assume was Jesus. I could not see his face or shoulders but what I did was to sit at his feet. I hung my arm over his knee and rested my head on his lap. He spoke soothingly as he tucked my hair behind my ear. This vision brought me peace and comfort in the midst of this war. Truly he is with me.

The fourth vision was more a visual illustration and thereby a deeper revelation – the kind that brings a whole new level of understanding – of what it means to be living life as a Christian, to be on task and living for him and not for ourselves. I saw a football field and on that field team members were all working together to score a goal. Usually only one player is in immediate control of the ball, but that doesn’t mean the remaining players go off to get a soda or stop to look at the newspaper. No. They are all focusing on the player with the ball and helping him get to the goal. Sometimes one member is more in the spotlight, sometimes another. But whatever happens, they are all in the same game working toward the same goal.

Three years is a long time to be in spiritual warfare and well, I’m pretty normal (I think) when I ask God what on earth is going on and when it will all end. I can’t begin to describe the fullness and satisfaction this revelation brought to my spirit. The Lord simply used the football game to show me that my plays are part of a bigger goal. He encouraged me through this vision that the game may be long, I may not always have control of the ball, but I am working with many other players to accomplish his purposes. And they will be done!

All I can say is, more Lord!