Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 2015 Newsletter

Strengthening Our Foundation in Kenya

About a year and a half ago we shared with you a confirmation from the Lord that Surprised by Hope will transition from a Uganda home base to a coastal Kenya home base in about three years time. Since then we’ve been pressing into his vision for the future of this ministry by following his lead as we serve the people in East Africa.

One of the ways we’ve allowed God to prepare us for this transition is to work with him to strengthen our foundation in Kenya. This past three months we served God’s people in a variety of areas throughout that country, some of those were in the area where we will settle but many of those places were very new to us. We believe this time of serving not only strengthened God’s people, but also strengthened facilitators-in-training, revealed additional facilitator candidates, and provided keen insights to incorporate into curriculum revisions. His plans are unfolding as we exercise our faith by moving with him step by step.

Following are just a few of the opportunities we had to serve his people these past three months with biblically based business education, preaching, and conference speaking. Some of these ministries are new to us and some are dear friends with whom we continue to deepen ministry relationships.
  • Mountain of Glory Church in Ganda
  • Jesus Gathering Centre in Malindi
  • Watamu Pastors’ Fellowship in Watamu
  • Thika Pastors’ Fellowship in Thika
  • Marikebuni Pastors’ Fellowship in Marikebuni
  • Malindi Pastors’ Fellowship in Malindi
  • Partners Worldwide Kenya Trainers in Kiambu
  • Kenana Knitters in Nakuru
  • Tala Deliverance Church in Tala
  • Redeemed Gospel Church in Kiwanza
  • Musufiri Calvary Church in Kilifi
  • Grace Abundance Ministries in Watamu  

Strengthening Our Foundation in Uganda

As we wait for the Lord’s perfect timing, we continue preparing for the Uganda-to-Kenya transition by identifying and investing in Ugandan facilitators who will assume teaching ministry responsibilities in Uganda. A few facilitators have said goodbye and we pray God’s blessing over their lives, and a few more have expressed interest in joining together as we serve the many pastors and ministries who serve them all around this country. At the same time, we’ll continue watering all that has been planted in Kenya.

Please join me in thanking the Lord for this wonderful plan in which he has allowed us all to play an important part. And thank you for your faithful giving, prayers, and notes of encouragement. We couldn’t do this without you!