Saturday, March 21, 2015

Windows from Loduk and Church on Fire

Many of you read my recent post “Plink…and the Window Swung Open” about one successful break in and one attempted break in at my home in Uganda. Both occurred within two months of one another. One church and one ministry made one BIG difference by responding immediately to the problem (once I finally spoke it aloud). I tend to suffer in silence thinking “I am supposed to figure this out myself,” but what happened next was proof positive that the Lord created us to be in community for a reason…a very good reason.

Church on Fire and Loduk Development Initiative both said, “We’ve got you covered.” They both recognized what I wanted to ignore, that my safety (or simply having a good night sleep, a night without fear) is part of being successful in ministry. I know so many people face far worse safety risks than I do, and so I am humbled and grateful for their care for me.

Many thanks to Bob at Loduk – a ministry operating out of Karamoja, Uganda whose primary purpose is to support nonprofits through drilling water wells, aiding with construction projects, and supplying/installing solar systems – and who simply said, “We’re on our way.” We brainstormed possible solutions and when we landed, Bob sent Bryce to follow through. And many thanks to Bryce who came with an incredibly humble heart, tolerated my perfectionism, and managed to choke down my food.

Many thanks to the Church on Fire family who joined together to provide the funds needed to bring safety to my home and peace to my mind. Take a look at what your generosity did.

1.  We added horizontal bar spacers to reduce the space thieves might find small enough to send their child-sized explorers through. Please pray for those small children, being ignorant of the wickedness of their actions, and for their abusers.



2.  We added a "lip" to the outside window to cover the seam between the window and frame, thus preventing thieves from releasing the handle to open the window.

Notice the bubbly weld spots, you can't really see the lip well.

3.  We added "loops" on each window and frame so that a padlock would secure the window closed from the inside.

The challenge, of course, is keeping 16 sets of keys and locks paired.

I trust the Lord to guide and protect me and in that he provided a community of people at Loduk and Church on Fire as his hands and feet. I cannot possibly express my gratitude except to say thank you for responding to his prompting. Thank you that every sound outside my window doesn't raise goose bumps, bring my heart to full speed, and keep me that way all night long.

In everything, I praise the Lord for you.