Saturday, March 21, 2015

Meet Norah

In mid January of this year the person who stayed in my house when I traveled for the past three years left for the States. Uh-oh! Though I’d kept my ears open knowing this day might come, I suddenly needed to get very serious about replacing that caretaker. Several posts on various Facebook groups continued to result in no luck, and the recent break ins didn’t help.

Even knowing that the Lord’s timing is perfect and that he is most certainly in control, I began to release peace in lieu of anxiety…until one day. As I walked through the doors of the church just a few weeks ago, Norah the cheerful greeter, whom I met in a Bible study group a few years back, whispered into my ear, "I want to come live with you." Um…say what?

I proceeded to take my seat and lean over to friend Jennifer to ask if she happened to mention my need to Norah or to Pr Zeddie. Her negative response led me to explain what just happened and we both were showered with goose bumps. We agreed it must be one of those creepy things you couldn’t orchestrate yourself – a God thing.

And so, I’d like to introduce you to Norah. Norah is the newest part of all that is my life. I am incredibly thankful for this faithful, servant-oriented woman of God who is sharp, kind, and sweet. We will be staying together in my home and she will care for all of its needs (safety, upkeep, administration) so that I am free to travel without worry. Norah comes into my life with all of her own needs too and so I’m glad the Lord brought her into my story.

Please welcome Norah to my story and watch for her name to pop up every now and then. Pray for her, encourage her, and love her just like you do me.