Friday, December 12, 2014

Sensible Shoes at the Pastors' Conference

"Walk in the way of love, as dearly loved children," that's what Ephesians 5:1 says and that's what these pastors were going to teach the tiny ones they gathered. A bit of a treasure hunt ensued after pastors were each given two pair of Sensible Shoes. Find a child to fit each pair, they were told, and bring them back to Jesus Miracle Celebration Ministries church.

Collecting the Children

There's never a lack of children, as a matter of fact…these crowds were made of the many mothers and children who wanted the special gift but wouldn't receive. Though we offered to wash their feed, pray, and prophesy over them.

Washing the Feet

Please understand, asking male pastors to wash the feet of children is very anti-cultural. Women care for children here. Of course we all agreed that if Jesus could do it, so could they and what I overheard must have blessed the Lord. The ender voices, hearts, and spirits of these pastors came to meet these children right where they were.

Pastors Praying

Precious moments of prayer for the children with their new shoes, and any others who happened to be hanging around.

Gorgeous Kiddos

Some of these kids are just too cute!


New Shoes

Each time we have the opportunity to serve children with Sensible Shoes, I am increasingly blessed. I just can't even describe the spirit that comes over us and the place where we're serving. It's precious. If you've never washed the feet of someone you know (or don't know), you are really missing out. Blessed beyond words!

Thank you to Sharon Brown (my shoe sister), Sharon, Laura, Gretchen, Jennifer, and Rhonda for making this ministry opportunity possible!