Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pull the Net Testimony

The pastors of Pull the Net studied the first half of the Entrepreneurship Series several months back and this week the Surprised by Hope team joined these pastors in learning the second half of that series. Eager as ever, they were highly attentive and many were keenly understanding of the concepts. As evidence of the understanding from the previous sessions, the group testified that the teaching works by together starting a poultry project that would provide for their financial needs as pastors. The project is relatively new, but they already have 300 chickens growing, growing, growing in preparation for being roasted, boiled, and fried.

I'm so proud of their efforts and their eager learning. As we taught the second portion of the entrepreneurship series we used this poultry project as our example, along with a few individual pastor projects, so that the group would have solid ideas for who their target market is, how to market their product, and how to gain competitive advantage. I love when we can use specific projects to address questions in detail so that they are helped in a way that requires as little transfer as possible.

Pray for these pastors as they learn to care for these chickens so that they remain healthy and multiply. Pray that they would continue thinking big in how they approach their business and that the Lord would have favor on them in all their dealings. Pray for the lady who offered their chicken house free of charge. Pray that her small shop would be blessed such that she would never demand an unreasonable fee for that house but that instead she would accept the blessing of the Lord as her reward.