Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christ Church International Visits Bwooke

Pr Sematimba, always interested in adding knowledge to his church members, invited Surprised by Hope to deliver the financial management teaching-ministry at his church. They recently started a savings circle and he believed this teaching would aid them in best managing their income and expenses. Not only did he have this teaching planned for me, but he surprised me with a two-morning visit to a village about 30 minutes by boda from Kamuli town.

Having met the pastor at a crusade not long ago, Pr Sematimba was invited there to preach and to continue spiritually investing in their church. Surprise! We were one of those investments. Having only a short time to deliver any real content of depth, we were never the less blessed by their incredibly warm welcome.

Dancing and singing rang out at the beginning of our service. But then this one lady arrived. At that moment I felt like the Holy Spirit descended…you know the sound. That voice that is absolutely the most moving thing you've ever heard. Add to that beautiful time of worship, they group fed us heartily, and then the pastor's wife appeared. My namesake, Kisakye hugged me over and over again in appreciation for coming. Hugging isn't really a thing here, usually it's a greeting hug on both sides. I'm sure I will be her when I am an old lady. Over and over.

Kisakye and Kisakye
I can see why it was so important for Pr Sematimba to bring Surprised by Hope to these people…not only can they benefit from the teaching but it's kinda hard to stay away from them. Warmth just oozes from this place. Bring me back, Lord!