Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Widows Pack the Church

Thirty widows were expected to crowd their way into this tiny church for a brief word of encouragement. Instead what we found were something like 50 ladies with more on the way. The journey is long with the houses spread so far apart. These ladies of all ages are widows for two primary reasons. First, Joseph Kony grew up in this area and began his murderous operations with their very families. Second, having husbands who have multiple wives and ultimately die of HIV means many of these ladies also have HIV. Nevertheless, so many of them work hard to provide some income by using what they know in handcrafts and agriculture.

It quickly became obvious that these ladies are in serious need of the Entrepreneurship teaching to help expand what they're doing now. But when asked whether they'd attended the series the last time I was there, all answered no. When asked whether they were attending the financial management series now in progress, again their answer was no. Even in the village, the difference in knowledge and understanding between men and women is vast. Truly they will benefit most from a program tailored specifically for their needs.

They were very excited about having Surprised by Hope return to provide some teaching and guidance. And I'm thankful for your support that allows us to fulfill the call God has placed on us.