Friday, November 28, 2014

Team Development Meeting

Vickie, Alex, Alone, Pr Fred (Pr George and I are missing...sniffle)
Team's gotta eat!
We gathered together in the name of Jesus to see that Surprised by Hope achieves its vision to see that underprivileged East Africans become positive influencers in their community, in their country, and in the body of Christ.

With the eye of adapting a leadership curriculum I developed for small church groups in the States for use in East Africa, each of three days the team studied the topic. We began with various definitions and examples of leadership from life here and from Scripture. From there we identified our center or our motivating force to understand what leadership looks like with any center other than Christ. Finally we used a spiritual gifts inventory to understand and encourage one another to use our God-given gifts in service to the Lord.

Vickie, Alex, Alone, Pr Fred and his wife Justine
in front of their stationary shop.
Our afternoons were spent facilitating (on my part) and learning (on the part of the team) alongside Pull the Net, a group of pastors who organized themselves in Buwenge. The topic included the second half of the Entrepreneurship series, typically taught in two parts, which includes marketing and competition and then strategic framework.

While in Buwenge, we took the opportunity to pray for Pr Fred and for Alone. The projects they began while applying what they learned from Surprised by Hope teachings are going on well and we loved the chance to ask God to continue showering them with His favor.

I'm excited about these people – and sad I don't have a picture of us all together – because I can see how God is using them to see that the future of Surprised by Hope in Uganda is certain. Please pray for their continued encouragement and provision, please pray against any plans the enemy may be making against them, and pray that they would continue seeking Jesus in a deeper way.