Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sensible Shoes for Orphans from Joyce, Marian, Elaine, Martha Anne, and Nancy

Not long after delivering the Entrepreneurship Series teaching-ministry, Pastor Patrick opened a simple school for orphans just down the road from his church, Christ Fountain Ministries. This was his practical application of the material he'd learned. Divine Palace Orphan Center was filled with 86 children from the vast surrounding area. The children welcomed us with a song and big smiles on their faces.

Sharing with all the children about walking in the way of love (Ephesians 5:1) is as always a blessing. We talk about practical ways kids can love one another, not just the philosophic "be nice" kind of speech. I don't know if the simple teaching helps but the prayers certainly do.

Following the teaching I washed the feet of 13 shoeless children. Their bright shoes stark against the dust covered everything else. So many brave little ones sat on the simple bench with their feet in the water. Still as stone but not screaming for mommy…oh, right…they don't have a mommy.

It was a privilege to pray for the school, the children, and the teachers before we left. Will you please continue praying for them as well?

Praying for and laying hands on the children.

Praying for the teachers.