Friday, November 28, 2014

Rising Star Junior School

Rising Star Junior School, like so many others, desires to see their community thrive. Of course they want their parents to pay school fees, but they also desire a God-fearing community who knows and applies a foundationally biblical understanding of commerce to their everyday lives.

The principles Surprised by Hope incorporates into our teaching includes so much more than just business. We address a mindset of possibilities based on having been created in God's image, standards of ethics drawn from Scripture, and so much more. Living out their everyday lives (not just Sunday church life) through the lens of Jesus changes the fundamental nature of the community.

A very large group of community members appeared and were very actively engaged in the teaching. I look forward to returning to see the changes and to add more learning. So very thankful for the opportunity to work with such a motivated, eager community.

Alone facilitates a portion of the teaching thanks to your gifts that help
ensure team members are learning and growing for Surprised by Hope.