Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mother's Care Technical and Nursery School

Jasper attended the Entrepreneurship Series some time ago. I remember his practical application project being a technical school, but hadn't heard about his progress. Often students have viable ideas but don't do anything with them - having the belief that God will plop something into their lap from the sky. Not Jasper, though. Jasper applied what he learned and opened Mother's Care Technical School where students learned either tailoring or brick making. With the proceeds from that school, Jasper then opened Mother's Care Nursery and Primary School where almost 100 children attend.

Upon learning about this amazing application testimony, I was determined to visit during the short time of daylight following our class time. Welcome songs filled the air, songs where my name appeared many times. The technical students and the primary students were all talented when dramatizing this momentous event. Why momentous?

Jasper relayed that the inspiration for the schools came from the Surprised by Hope teaching. As a result, he named the schools Mother's Care. He said that his mother was also a widow and that our collective care for him and his future was like a mother's care. During this ceremony, Jasper officially renamed his youngest daughter and reported that others are now also calling her "doctor." Oh boy.

I'm proud of Jasper and his application of what he learned. Clearly the material helps those who co-labor with the Lord. Please pray for him as he continues to expand both schools in an effort to honor the Lord.

Head girl.

My new namesake.