Sunday, November 16, 2014

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

Take a small box, put a slot in the lid, and then wrap it in Christmas paper. Each day, add the following:
Dec. 1 - Put 25 cents in the box for everyone in your family that had at least two meals this day. The average American eats five times as much as people in developing countries.
Dec. 2 – Add two cents for every light bulb in your house.
Dec. 3 – Add up the number of years your whole family has gone to school and add two cents for each year.
Dec. 4 – Add 10 cents for every hour the television set was turned on.
Dec. 5 - Add 10 cents for every gallon of gas your car holds.
Dec. 6 – For every can of pop in your house, add two cents. We discard 1,500 aluminum drink cans every second. Over a year, that’s 788,400,000 cans.
Dec. 7 – Count all the pairs of shoes and boots in your house and add one cent per pair.

Dec. 8 – If you have your own bedroom, sewing room, or office, add 25 cents.
Dec. 9 – Total the length of your house and add six cents per meter.
Dec. 10 – Contribute 25 cents for every pet you own.
Dec. 11 – Add three cents for every electrical appliance you use today.
Dec. 12 – For every room that’s carpeted, add 10 cents.
Dec. 13 - Add 25 cents for every toy gun in your house. Don’t forget video games.
Dec. 14 – Add one cent for every page of today’s paper. Every day, it takes 500,000 trees to supply newsprint for America’s Sunday newspapers.
Dec. 15 – If you or any member of your family has ever been vaccinated, add 25 cents per person. Every minute, 13 children under five years old die in the developing world because they haven’t been vaccinated.
Dec. 16 – For every electrical outlet in your home, add five cents.
Dec. 17 – If you have a clothes drier, add 50 cents.
Dec, 18 – Add five cents for every pair of mittens or gloves that you own.
Dec. 19 – If you are wearing clothes that have only belonged to you, add 25 cents.

Dec. 20 – If you have a bed of your own to sleep on, add 25 cents. In Bombay, India, between 100,000 and 500,000 people rest their heads on the pavement every night.
Dec. 21 – Add $1 if you own a VCR or DVD player and $1 for every computer or smartphone in your home.
Dec. 22 – For every glass of clean water that you drank today, add 10 cents. Of the six billion people living on the planet today, one in four do not have access to adequate drinking water.
Dec. 23 – Add 25 cents if you know the name of your doctor.
Dec. 24 – If you have more than one blanket on your bed, add 25 cents.
Dec. 25 – Add five cents for every serving of meat given in your house today.
Dec. 26 – If you didn’t recycle your Christmas wrappings, add $1.
Dec. 27 – For every glassed window in your house, add five cents.
Dec. 28 – For each person in your family who earns more than 20 cents an hour, add 50 cents.
Dec. 29 – Add 25 cents for every fridge or freezer in your home.

Dec. 30 – For every book you have read or received this month, add 10 cents.
Dec. 31 – If you keep the water running while you brush your teeth, add 25 cents.
Jan. 1 – Add five cents for every time you talked or texted someone on a phone today.
Jan. 2 – For every can of food in your cupboard add 5 cents.
Jan. 3 – If you have more than 10 items in your fridge, add two cents for every extra item.
Jan. 4- Consider how fortunate you are. In North America, one out of every four children under the age of six is living in poverty.
Jan. 5 – Sit down with your family and decide to whom you would like to donate the contents of your sharing box.
Jan 6 – (Epiphany) – Add up the contents of your box and then send your blessing to Surprised by Hope through your credit card or PayPal or by sending a check to:
     Surprised by Hope
     464 Adaway SE
     Ada, MI 49301

Together, we can change our world!