Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Shoes Walked Off

Some far away places are best reached by special hire taxi (regular cars whose driver picks up anyone willing to pay). When riding in such a vehicle, perhaps up to nine people in a 5-seater car, all the goods are stowed in the trunk. Sometimes (on purpose or by accident) those goods just aren't there when you arrive at your destination. That's what happened to Francis, a young man who offered to carry some things ahead for me.

Disappointed that I'd not be able to love on 10 kids with a new pair of shoes and some prayers specific for each one, Francis set out in search of those shoes. Though they weren't recovered before my final departure, he did find them all. And what follows is more of a blessing than I would have had were I the one to have ministered to these children myself.

Francis and the most lovely Emma gathered the selected children near the venue where I usually teach and delivered the Sensible Shoes on our behalf. They told the children about the story of Ephesians 5:1 and encouraged them to walk in the way of love. They prayed over the children as they washed their tender, jigger ridden, feet. And they sent them away with a song.

How blessed it is to have others follow your example with such care and love. My heart is all melty.