Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jesus Miracle Celebration International Ministries

As Bible School in a Briefcase graduate, Pr Oguna is one of many well-trained pastors who serve the Lord in Kenya. His ministry is filled with the presence of the Lord and he has an exhibited passion to serve his community. Surprised by Hope recently had the privilege of delivering the Entrepreneurship Series teaching-ministry at his church in Watamu. My short notice made class size small, but what I loved is the number of pastors who attended. So many from the Bible School in a Briefcase program, one pastor even traveled from Kilifi to attend. I have the privilege of working with hundreds of pastors and am never more thankful than I am when they're BSIB graduates.

Pr Oguna began a school for the many orphans in his area and his love for these children is evidenced in the joy you hear in their voices. I heard the giggles of 30 children seated before the small television screen enjoying some simple entertainment during the heat of the day. I saw those same children sitting tidily around their dinner table gobbling up their simple meal of maize and beans. I saw them playing, and laughing, and being obedient, and caring.

Holding this conference was of personal interest to Pr Oguna because of his desire to expand his ministry and his care for the community. Honestly, each pastor in attendance shared that desire and was incredibly attentive with his head in a note-taking book almost continually. I look forward to the positive reports about what the Lord is doing through this particular group of pastors and their ministries when I return.

The church

The school children (school in the background)

The orphans

Even the older children participated in the teaching