Monday, October 6, 2014

A Dolly for Anana from Molli

Anana peeked at me through her mother's scarf in fear of the mzungu, though living in Malindi town should have soothed those fears some time ago. As we waited for Sunday service at Malindi Methodist Church to begin, she continued peeking with such curiosity. One of those peeks, though, was rewarded with this beautiful dolly wearing a sparkly purple butterfly dress. Anana noticed the sparkles looked something like the sparkles on her pink pants. She poked at the doll curiously and didn't really seem to understand the awake/asleep eyes but when the dolly fell to the ground she was quite horrified.

Anana's dolly comes to you, Molli, from your grandma Susan. I saw grandma Rogers when she and I both visited my mom's house in Florida back in July. She thought of you as she carefully chose this dolly to give you for your birthday. I know Susan has gone to be with Jesus now and so receiving this gift might make you a little sad. But she wanted you to know that she loves you in a very special way. I don't think any of us know then just exactly how special this gift would be.