Monday, September 29, 2014

Pretty Maasi Sandals

These pretty shoes adorn the feet of many local women. You may have had a chance to see and purchase a pair when I was home. Thanks to a special order, now you have the opportunity to see how they're made and the people who make them.

Cowhide is prepared for shoe making.
The leather is more intricately shaved and prepared.
Ladies in the village create beautiful bead designs.
Both men and women in the city also prepare beautiful bead designs.
These are your's, Tricia, prepared especially for you.
Men cut the shoe shape using wood foot molds for size.

They pound the letter-design around the edge of the shoe
using a metal die and a hunk of plastic.
These are yours, Tricia.
They feed the straps through holes punched into the shoe
and fit them on these forms.

It's usually a production line type process,
but Tricia needed tiny size and so hers were made special.
Glue the straps down to the bottom of the shoe.
Stick the shoes on the sole rubber and cut.

Sandals for sale. Market vendors usually purchase their shoes here
and take them to the wazungu market to sell.
Tricia and Friends shoes...Compared to theirs, my feet look huge...but pretty.
Your finished shoes, Tricia.