Thursday, August 28, 2014


Overflowing. The best word to describe my time with you is exactly that…overflowing. Five states, 18 group events, and 20 individual get-togethers, and not nearly enough time with children and grandchildren…all in 42 days. Vacation? Rest? I think not. Some people might call that an overflowing schedule. Me? I call that overflowing blessing.

You blessed me with a welcome home overflowing with joy and gladness. We worshiped together, we prayed together, we shared the love of Jesus together. And then it was time to go home and you blessed me with a good-bye overflowing with love and compassion. I'm left with the renewed realization of how deeply I love (and need) my church and my church family. All that overflowing emotion in the small space of just 42 days.

Solitude. After the rush of all that was home and the many blessings and surprises…the overflowing of the most broad spectrum of emotions (too many to describe here)…comes the need for solitude. Deep breath. I had a plan to spend some tender time with my Daddy so that together we could process all that he had done with and through us during our time together in the States.

Instead what I found was that my mind raced with all that needed to be accomplished upon return. Prayers were fragmented, worship was interrupted, reading was choppy, hunger was distracting. I realized, though, that my Daddy already understood all this. He knew that quiet time would be hard for me and he gladly accepted fragments, interruptions, choppiness, and distractions…whatever I could give him.

I found that as I relinquished my need to methodically process the overflow, and believed that my Daddy would accept whatever I could genuinely give, I was able to spend more meaningful, rich time with him. He loves me. I'm not done yet. I'm not done pressing in, reading, praying, worshiping, and hungering…I'll never be done. He's my Daddy and I want his overflow.