Saturday, June 28, 2014

Prison Ministry

As always I love joining Carpenter John for his Bugembe prison ministry services on Thursday or Sunday afternoon. He’s been serving as chaplain for more than 10 years and I’ve been joining him about once monthly for almost 4 of those 10 years. Initially we were allowed to sneak a few photos but as the prison system tightened up, photos were no longer permissible. These photos are from early visits but nothing much has changed since then.

Chrystina did a wonderful job relating the story of Queen Esther to the male prisoners and we even had an opportunity to talk about how to treat their wives (i.e., not as the king did Queen Vashti). Sorry no pix of the girls (sniffle).

Sleeping quarters

My very first visit and gifting Bibles

Bugembe Prison

Film ministry about forgiveness

An apple treat

Skill training - cobbler

Skill training - tailoring

The lunch line

Muhamed became a cobbler after being released
because of the training he received in prison.

The first ever boy dolly and it was given in Bugembe Prison

Skill training- weaving