Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Jajja Means Grand

You’ve followed the stories of these beautiful old ladies for more than three years now. Vickie’s three grandmothers, two of whom are in their 90s, are old beyond compare. The eldest formerly needed care from the younger and now the younger are unable to care for themselves and the elder is forced to move around the compound with a stick in care of the others. Just watching them is extremely painful.

The formerly well manicured pineapple crops – with the best, sweetest pineapple in the world – is overgrown. No fuzzy plant leaves decorate the latrine container awaiting tender use. No water fills the barrel. Two lovely island ladies came to wash for them and perhaps others appear from time to time to care for these ladies, one formerly being a midwife, who probably delivered them as they were born.

There are no old age homes in which to stuff them. Instead they live peacefully and quietly…and somehow painfully…on their little island content with the knowledge they will soon die there. Each time we visit, I pray we are blessed with one more.