Thursday, June 26, 2014

Healing Home

We began to lose hope that we’d actually make it to see the ladies at the Healing Home. Rain poured and where people use public transportation, pretty much everything stops in the rain. Just after midday, one of the caring neighbor men sent a car to pick us up. So very thankful, we were welcomed by one of the warmest greetings in Uganda.

The ladies at the Healing Home were gifted a sewing machine and start up materials by the ladies from Caring and Sharing in FL. Though the machine has given us a bit of grief for some time, the ladies have made much progress with their volunteer teachers. So thankful for their absolute motivation, such an unusual quality among the more disadvantaged people here.

Rachel prepared some great craft ideas, that complimented the books donated by friend Anna, and taught the ladies how to hand sew these crafts. Right from the start they showed so much initiative in their creative abilities. So much fun was had by all.

Upon our final moments together, the ladies of the Healing Home presented some of their dance and worship talents. They could shake things we didn’t know shook. Wow! What a blessing they were to US!

Both Rachel and Chrystina finished their plates, their first authentic African meal.

The ladies were cutting beads off her shirt to add to their tree projects.

Everyone truly did a great job!