Monday, May 12, 2014

Grace Abundance Church in Watamu

The former church location was a sliver of land just big enough to erect four posts for a modest temporary structure. When Pastor Owino showed me that sliver after having removed the structure…I was shocked at just how small it really was and how tightly it fit next to all the other surrounding structures.

Early one weekday morning the land owner informed Pastor Owino that he’d have to move by the end of the week. Move. Moving immediately meant finding someplace, anyplace to go with the church structure materials that the current congregation would find convenient. Moving immediately also meant enlisting the aid of his people to disassemble every pole, every nail, and every iron sheet, transporting the load, and reassembling before church service the following Sunday.

Grace Abundance Church found its new home not far from its old, on a plot about 40’x70’. The hitch…this new plot would require 600,000 KES (about $7,000 USD) paid before August. Pastor Owino described the various fundraising activities and generous donations that came in for the purchase and was very proud of the 25,000 they’ve collected in that time. His faith is remarkable, he’s trusting that God will provide the rest of the funds before the required deadline.

Before the church was finished being reassembled, thieves removed everything that wasn’t nailed down including a single church bench. Just one. Pastor Owino certainly has cause feel defeated, but instead he continues to cling to hope in the Lord.

I’m so thankful for the time of prayer I was able to share with Pastor and his wife. We declared that land protected by an army of angles. We declared financial provision for the land. We declared a pouring out of the Spirit on the people who step into that church. We declared anointing, favor, and power. While the three of us covered every centimeter of that plot in prayer, we felt a move of the Spirit and we claimed its continuation even after we stopped praying. Please join us in covering that church body with protection and blessing as they continue serving the Lord.