Friday, April 11, 2014


Sometimes there isn’t enough to talk about for a full blog post, nor are there any good pictures to go with it, but I feel like there’re so many wonderful God-shaped things that happen I want you to know. Such whirlwinds are definitely created by the Lord and embodied in the Spirit. I’m so incredibly amazed at all that was accomplished in this short time, and then I reflect and wonder what intimate moments were missed.

I do know that I missed the chance to pray with Shared Hope for Orphans and that I missed the chance to be more effective in the conflict management session, both due to time constraints. I need to remember that a single request – for example preaching – is never just a single request. We must visit homes, projects, schools, and churches. We must eat, drink tea, and play with the children. And so, larger time slots are needed.

The best moment? When Pr Sematimba’s son ran up to me and wrapped his arms around me before I even entered the church.

Travel to Jinja. About four hours from home.
Bugembe Prison. Preaching about mountain tops.
Sanctuary Children’s Home. Bible story and coloring page about many children.
NGO Renewal. Request for letter from ranking official, and provision of related materials.
Heavenly Hope. New ministry introduction and work planning.

Pull the Net. Entrepreneurship session 1 teaching.

Pastor Fred. Visit new stationary shop.
Pull the Net. Entrepreneurship session 2 teaching.
Pastor Augustine. First friend in Uganda, dinner and catching up.
Pastor Moses. Greeting and setting schedule for next day.

Christ Church International. Preaching and leadership team conflict management.

NGO Renewal. Providing new documents, waiting on response from ranking official.
Kale Uganda. Research and develop board transition plan from US to UG leaders.
Alex. Advising about former boys home problems.

Travel home from Jinja. Another four hours.