Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mountain of the Moon

Shouting over one another is seldom a problem with the mild mannered, soft spoken Ugandans. But Bishop Hannington raised up these pastors to be go-getters and so I could hardly contain them as they shouted out answers and ideas during our entrepreneurship exercises. More than 25 pastors and a few school teachers gathered at Mt Zion Church in Bundibugyo, about 20 km from the Congolese border. They had the goal of learning more about how to expand their pastoral services to those in their church by developing themselves and their churches financially.

We use simple but relevant exercises designed to awaken creative and critical thinking skills, and these people went to town. Every pastor had so many ideas to share I had to explain that we couldn’t’ get to everyone but if they arrived on time tomorrow we’d have more time for more people to share. The subtle message being that we didn’t arrive on time today and so lost the opportunity to allow everyone to participate. Oh the joys of culture.

I’m always sad when the time of teaching ministry comes to an end because I feel like we’ve just gotten started. This group is particularly quick in learning and I hated to leave them only half finished. But I know the challenge to return to their homes and churches and apply what they’ve learned until I return again to add more teaching will not go unmet.

Thanking the Lord for the connection to this Bishop and his pastors. What a joy to work with such eager, quick, and passionate people.