Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Dolly for Biso from Frank

Biso is Mary’s boy. I met Mary two years ago when she and her mother were trying their best to enjoy a muzungu Christmas meal at the Luckey’s house where all the misfits (including me) gathered for food and fellowship. As part of the Afayo project, the Luckey’s identified Mary as having a very high risk pregnancy in part because of having congenital heart failure. Because of the tender care offered up by this team of missionaries, Mary survived the pregnancy and delivery which resulted in healthy baby Kevin.

Mary was the second wife to her husband, who chose to live with his first wife and their eight children. His responsibilities, as is not uncommon, exceeded his abilities and so Mary and their first son, Biso, stayed with her mother even after baby Kevin came. But just a short time ago, Mary went to be with Jesus leaving Biso and baby Kevin behind. Biso, as you might expect of any 3-year-old, doesn’t quite understand where his mother is or when she’ll come home.

Frank is Judy’s husband. I met Frank and Judy many, many years ago as we all worshipped at New Life Christian Fellowship. Frank was a funny man, a man filled with an abundance of love and compassion. When my own husband died unexpectedly Frank and Judy…sitting just a few chairs down from me…could often be found wrapping their arms around me. Frank died just a few days ago, April 6, and my heart breaks to be so very far away and not be able to wrap my arms around Judy.

Biso’s ongoing state of confusion meant that he needed some arms wrapped around him…and so I gave him the Frank dolly. That boy’s face lit up, although only momentarily, but the children who immediately surrounded him seemed to quickly comprehend. Biso had a new friend to remind him of his maama and of all the people who love him like Jesus does even when his maama isn’t around.

Frank, your love continues on.