Sunday, March 30, 2014

Carry the Light

We have lots of fun developing the ability to think creatively and critically.
Primary school aged children bustle around this beautiful Lake Victoria adjacent compound that they call home in preparation for school, homework, meals, and chores. They’re here because of loving sponsors who constructed the orphanage and sponsor their education. Carry the Light is a ministry that, among other things, is involved in building churches, orphanages, and medical clinics. This orphanage is located in Usigu, Kenya and directed by Craig and Cherie. These orphans are loved and cared for by a great group of Kenyan leaders, but Craig and Cherie saw the value of adding some business knowledge to their staff to help them learn to prosper their lives without outside assistance.

Last day appointments made the group a bit smaller,
but we had a great time together.
I was blessed to meet several staff members and community pastors during the Entrepreneurship Series training sessions and missed a few teachers, as they were busy teaching. I love the transformation that happens when people learn how to become self reliant and God dependent…and when they truly feel empowered to do so. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to serve here and look forward to returning to hear testimonies of triumph!