Monday, February 24, 2014

Vision for Rural Pastors

Our WAY overloaded pickup stopped in front of Pastor Amos’ house in Nebbi and Emma stood waiting to greet me. Emma is the lovely woman who takes care of all the pastors while we’re lodging with Pastor Amos, but I feel like she is taking care of me alone. Every personal detail was lodged in her memory as she attended to my bed, my food, and my daily ministry needs.

My second time with this group, the pastors were looking forward to our personal ministry time again. We focused on the topic of church budgeting and by the end of our three days together they were easily able to answer their own questions about solving the problems associated with people and money management.

The Financial Management Series was welcomed by all, almost 50 participants (not quite the expected 100+). We studied what the Word says about money management before learning about using a simple cash book. Following a very clear demonstration of understanding, we added the three main financial statements for businesses. Fearing they’d get lost in transitioning from the cash book to the income statement, we took it slowly.

These kids had some seriously adult-sized drum rhythm
going on these empty containers.
When finished, one person testified that even though she was taught such things in school and never understood them she was now able to fully grasp the concept and believed they would help her in her business. Another person testified that math disliked him but that by the end of this teaching he felt confident that he could indeed apply what was learned successfully.

Praising God for revealing what the people need and how to root that teaching in his Word.