Friday, February 21, 2014

Kishabya United Pentecostal Church

Our night time arrival netted a beautifully lit crusade grounds.
Lights edged the white tents where people gathered for an all night crusade. More than 100 people danced and worshiped the Lord as Pr Gerald and I entered through the flower-filled arch. Pastor Cornelius and his wife are wise to operate an events business where tents, decorations, cakes, and the like are rented and made. Their double use for church related events is most certainly advantageous. The nighttime beauty of this place was awe-inspiring.

These balloons really challenged participants to think creatively.
Two days of Entrepreneurship teaching held on the same site where the crusade took place was thought to make the venue perfect. And yet we learned that all night crusades welcome the morning teaching far too early and that while many Christians are interested in beginning or improving their businesses, these are not always the same people as those who attend a crusade.

From inside the non-venue church, you can see the flag walls.
Beautiful but not stable.
None the less, we saw God moving among the people both during the crusade and during the teaching. Participants enjoyed the exercises to help reinforce learning – especially the balloon animals – and demonstrated an ability to transfer that reawakened creative thinking ability to their business project ideas. We all look forward to their testimonies of what the Lord has done.