Thursday, December 26, 2013

Visiting Friends on the Coast

Pastor Tsofa is a 2010 Bible School in a Briefcase graduate and bishop of Jesus Gathering Center churches. His own church is in Watamu and I surprised him and his family with a visit. Then he surprised me with the opportunity to preach. I so enjoyed my time with him and his church leaders in the Marereni area last September. We had several opportunities to talk about the various joys and struggles in the church at large and am thankful for his leadership and wise counsel in these churches.

Invited to participate in a ladies conference in April, thank you Lord.

Pastor Owino is also a 2010 Bible School in a Briefcase graduate at Grace Abundance Church in Watamu. Pastor Owino hosted the Entrepreneurship series workshops just over a year ago and I distinctly remember addressing the idea of church differentiation. From that lesson, Pastor Owino realized just how gifted he was in the area of evangelism and thus sought to focus his efforts through the church in this area. As a result he is constantly holding revivals, crusades, and the like thereby helping more people come to know Jesus through this gifting.